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Praise for Stripey
What the children and parents have to say about the classes, tutor sessions or parties.

Ofsted Inspection report
DfES ref no: 205/6402 / Inspection under
Section 162A of the Education Act 2002

‘In some of the best teaching, pupils were challenged intellectually, emotionally and creatively. For instance in a dance lesson, an inspired choice of music, and the use of characterisation and story telling, were used to maximum effect to fully involve pupils in the learning process. In this lesson, pupils were inspired to achieve their best.‘

Agent A.C.

‘If something in school is too hard, then I can tell Abbey and she helps to make it better for me when I go back to school. We do fun stuff’

Ana Paula Lloyd
R.H’s mum

‘Abbey is the most creative, inspiring and sensitive teacher a child or parent could ever wish for. She taught my son in nursery, then in year one and now tutors him in story writing, although tutoring does not really do justice to the marvellous hour my son spends with her every week. Abbey has a unique ability to find a kernel in every child and to nurture this precious thing, encouraging confidence, difference and strength of mind. Who could ask for more?’

Agent J.S.

‘Abbey is a brilliant tutor and has helped me a lot! She is soooooooo good and does this awesome thing where we write and then another tutee reviews what we write (every week). She was a teacher, yes she really was, but she’s not boring, she’s really fun! We write stories together and she covers everything from English to maths. Abbey really is the best tutor EVER!!!!!!!!!’

Julie Talbot
J.S’s mum

‘I met Abbey when she was teaching year 1 and my son joined her class. We changed schools between reception and year 1 after my son developed a stress related condition that we were unable to resolve. The consultant suggested changing schools if at all possible, so we did. The day my son met Abbey she sat down with him and asked him about his symptoms and then said that something similar happened to her as a child. They chatted about it for a while and then Abbey told him that she was going to give him a special signal, and if his tummy started rumbling and feeling upset he could quietly let her know and she would send him on an errand, so no one else in the class would notice. Within a week, his condition became significantly better and soon stopped. I am convinced that this is because of Abbey's empathy and understanding. He made great progress in school that year. When I discovered that Abbey was tutoring, I immediately asked if she would be willing to help. My son doesn't feel like he is working hard with her, because she makes it so much fun. His progress is very noticeable.

With Abbey's help my son's English comprehension and writing has improved manifold. He used to hate writing and checking his work. He seemed to have a mental block relating to capital letters and full stops. His work is unrecognisable compared to what it used to be. And, the bonus is that he views Abbey as a friend and looks forward to seeing her every week. She never makes him feel like he is working hard, but he is. His overall self-confidence has increased as well. ‘

Susannah Cornish
Mother and part time lawyer

"Stripey Socks is the best children's drama group in north
London, it has really ignited my daughter's imagination."

Vanessa Houlder
Journalist and mother of two

"The children discover so many things at Stripey Socks, it has been the highlight of their week.""

Mary Tate
Full time teacher and mum

"Abbey is a born facilitator of education and fun. My children love going and have named our new cat 'Stripey 2' after Stripey the bird!"

Ben Miller
Writer and dad of three

"My children love Stripey Socks (and Abbey for that matter). I love the fact there is no affiliation with acting agencies and no one has tried to sell me a t-shirt or key ring."

Sarah Hughes-Campbell
Teacher/teaching assistant

"Not only does our daughter look forward to Stripey Socks, having enormous fun every week, but it has really helped her with her self confidence and ability to make new friends. Abbey creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that sets all the children at ease."

Sarah Thomas
Mother and lawyer

"Abbey is a natural with children. My daughter (now 7) has been going to Stripey Socks since she was 4 and absolutely adores Abbey.

But what makes this drama club stand out from the rest is the amount of creativity that Abbey brings to each session - the children are encouraged to imagine adventures with Stripey, to far flung places like South America and outer space and Abbey always spices up the sessions with themed music and props.

I only wish there had been something like this when I was a child!."

Telephone: 07908 256 798
Email: Abbey@StripeySocksDrama.co.uk


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