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Abbey offers tutoring to primary aged children, her unique way of working with her individual tutees means that peer assessment and learning takes place (the children see each other’s work and give feedback for one another), this helps to enthuse and motivate the children to work hard and to respond to criticism well by considering and implementing changes to their work, but also teaches vital skills about communication, empathy and respect. Abbey feels strongly that the sessions should be fun and instill a confidence in the children that will help to lay a foundation for all of their learning, in and out of school. She works closely with parents (and schools if requested) to come up with the best use of time in the weekly sessions to support each child and to make progress.

Each session lasts one hour and takes place either in Abbey’s home in Stoke Newington or at the home of the pupil. A Facetime link up can be considered instead of a home visit. It is sometimes possible for Abbey to add a school pick-up to the tuition time depending on proximity of school/home.

Sessions cost £40 (this includes the session time, preparation/marking and time communicating with parents about child’s progress).


Stripey Socks Drama is available for primary after-school clubs and regular or one off sessions in schools, we can even provide an imaginative and well planned alternative to usual PPA cover.

Stripey Socks has establishing a positive, safe and creative learning environment at the heart of it's ethos and uses the discipline of theatre without the pressure of performance in helping to create this.

Abbey is committed to (and really enjoys) getting to know each child that she works with and personalising the learning for each child is paramount in her planning wherever possible. Classes can be prepared as 'stand-alone' sessions or in conjunction with school topics or curriculum areas. One off sessions can be used to introduce new topics, to provide an uplifting mid-topic moment or draw it to a climatic finish.

Lesson Planning

Stripey can work with staff in schools to provide the most relevant and accessible sessions, depending on each school's needs. We will provide detailed lesson planning, with direct links to the National Curriculum Key Schools learning outcomes and the Early Years Foundation Stage goals all areas can be covered, with a different focus to each lesson if required.

Teacher's packs can also be provided, including a comprehensive sequence of follow-up lesson plans. All planning includes an outline of the lesson, key vocabulary and questions, resources and suggestions for differentiation and support for EAL and SEN pupils. However, often our practical activities provide an equal base for all children and the usual 'leveling' systems may not be required.

Our Ethos

We are interested in the schools we work with and would hope to gain positive relationships with staff and children alike, working together to create equal learning opportunities of a high standard, for all.

Please contact Abbey for more information and to discuss the possibilities for your school.

Telephone: 07908 256 798
Email: Abbey@StripeySocksDrama.co.uk

Stripey Scoks Drama

Stripey Scoks Drama
Stripey Scoks Drama
Stripey Scoks DramaStripey Scoks DramaStripey Scoks Drama
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