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Holiday Sessions

Stripey Socks Drama holiday classes are 4 hours of fun-packed adventure! Sessions run during the school holidays and can be attended by any child, with or without Stripey experience, aged over 3 and under 8 years (this is negotiable).

Each class is based around objects found in Stripey the Bird’s box, using these items the children become involved in role play, improvisation, scene building, story telling, mime, dance and art. The four hour session allows for a fully developed drama to evolve and be explored.

Sessions are very much prepared, wherever possible, with individual participants in mind, subjects are chosen and adapted to suit the needs and interests of those children, this encourages each child to take an active part in all activities, therefore getting the very most out of their time at Stripey. Abbey is committed to (and really enjoys) getting to know each child that attends Stripey and is constantly developing new ways to involve every child.

An important aspect of Stripey is the encouragement of all children to be confident and able in a group situation, they are hugely supported in this, an environment is created where children can feel at ease and part of the action, whatever stage they are at.

Children come into the session, without parents or carers and the group are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs of one another.

The sessions provide the discipline of theatre without the pressure of performance, this allows for a more personalised, creative approach. As imaginations are fueled, the drama develops and children’s ideas take the lead.

Professional actors and musicians are often employed to add dimension and colour to the holiday classes.

Places are limited and must be pre-booked. To book into a holiday session please contact Abbey to check on availability before completing a holiday registration form.

Holiday Registration

See Notice Board for information on up and coming holiday sessions.

Telephone: 07908 256 798
Email: Abbey@StripeySocksDrama.co.uk

Stripey Socks Drama
Lorenzo blasts off.

Olivia prepares lunch
Olivia prepares lunch.

Putting on the Ritz Registration.
Putting on the Ritz Registration.

A quiet book moment
A quiet book moment.

Not a quiet book moment.
Not a quiet book moment.

Warming up
Warming up!
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